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Getting Figgy with It!

The balanced sweet and sour notes of The Spice Way Fig Infused Balsamic makes it a versatile ingredient to keep handy in your pantry. Playing off the traditional depth of balsamic vinegar, the addition of infused fig rounds out the vinegar's acidity. In this post we're showing off the variety of ways you can enjoy The Spice… Continue reading Getting Figgy with It!

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Queen of Tart: Sumac

With so many delicious and healthy spices to discover -- there's something for everyone at The Spice Way. Today we're featuring The Spice Way Ground Sumac, a spice made from the dried and ground berries of the edible Rhus coriaria species. This spice is a deep reddish purple color and has a bright lemony flavor -- great on… Continue reading Queen of Tart: Sumac

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2nd Anniversary Recap and Recipes

Our 2nd Anniversary Event was filled with fun and flavor! Thank you for coming out to celebrate this milestone. The day started with a visit from Encinitas Mayor Catherine S. Blakespear and Council Members Joe Mosca and Tasha Boerner Horvath. We designed the very first Encinitas Spice Blend -- a range of spices to embody the local flavors of… Continue reading 2nd Anniversary Recap and Recipes

The Spice Way Recipes

Citrus Salad with Nut + Seed Mix

It's impossible resist such a stunning display. Lucky you don't just get to look at this beauty  -  you can eat it too! Combining fruit, nuts & seeds, a light drizzle of honey & olive oil is proof that healthy and flavorful dishes are easy to make. It's a dish sure to impress -- serve as a starter to share or… Continue reading Citrus Salad with Nut + Seed Mix