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Spicing Up Your Summer Cocktails

    This week we're featuring creative ways to incorporate spices, herbs, teas and infusions into refreshing cocktails -- spice up your summer and cool down with The Spice Way! Debbie Kornberg, owner of The Spice Way San Diego, loves using the natural flavors and aromas of spices to create twists on classic cocktails. She… Continue reading Spicing Up Your Summer Cocktails

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How to Spice up your Rice!

When you're looking for delicious, time-saving, and healthy options for your table The Spice Way has you covered! Add spice to your rice with The Spice Way Rice & Quinoa Blends -- extra flavor, not extra time. Simply combine one of The Spice Way Rice & Quinoa Blends with your choice of white or brown rice, quinoa -- even… Continue reading How to Spice up your Rice!

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Queen of Tart: Sumac

With so many delicious and healthy spices to discover -- there's something for everyone at The Spice Way. Today we're featuring The Spice Way Ground Sumac, a spice made from the dried and ground berries of the edible Rhus coriaria species. This spice is a deep reddish purple color and has a bright lemony flavor -- great on… Continue reading Queen of Tart: Sumac

The Spice Way Recipes

Make this: Ras El Hanut Ragù over Roasted Eggplant

When you cook with spices you can explore world cuisine from your own kitchen. For a trip to Morocco try The Spice Way Ras El Hanut Blend -- a North African spice mixture that adds dimension and warmth to savory dishes. The name translates to "the head of the shop" -- a nod to it containing the shop's best spices. Our special blend includes: Cinnamon, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Mace,… Continue reading Make this: Ras El Hanut Ragù over Roasted Eggplant

The Spice Way Recipes

Spring Renewal, The Spice Way: Part 3

As Part 3 of our ‘Spring Renewal, The Spice Way’ series we’re highlighting The Spice Way Surf & Turf Blend -- one of our Meat & Poultry Blends perfect for spicing up your grill this spring. Plus, we're sharing a delicious recipe that store owner Debbie Kornberg demoed live on Fox5 San Diego. The Spice Way Surf & Turf… Continue reading Spring Renewal, The Spice Way: Part 3

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Mediterranean Nights with Chef Olivia Hayo

*** Reserve your spot for the April 27th class at The Spice Way on Eventbrite ***   Join Chef Olivia Hayo as she takes us on a journey of cooking through the Mediterranean. Inspired by her life and travels through Italy, Israel, and Greece the warm flavors and vibrant colors of her dishes will transport you abroad for… Continue reading Mediterranean Nights with Chef Olivia Hayo