Health Benefits, The Spice Way Recipes

How to Spice up your Rice!

When you're looking for delicious, time-saving, and healthy options for your table The Spice Way has you covered! Add spice to your rice with The Spice Way Rice & Quinoa Blends -- extra flavor, not extra time. Simply combine one of The Spice Way Rice & Quinoa Blends with your choice of white or brown rice, quinoa -- even… Continue reading How to Spice up your Rice!

Health Benefits, The Spice Way Recipes

Queen of Tart: Sumac

With so many delicious and healthy spices to discover -- there's something for everyone at The Spice Way. Today we're featuring The Spice Way Ground Sumac, a spice made from the dried and ground berries of the edible Rhus coriaria species. This spice is a deep reddish purple color and has a bright lemony flavor -- great on… Continue reading Queen of Tart: Sumac

Health Benefits, The Spice Way Recipes

Spring Renewal, The Spice Way: Part 2

As Part 2 of our 'Spring Renewal, The Spice Way' series we're highlighting The Spice Way Caraway Seeds. Learn about its nutritional properties and discover new recipes to incorporate this spice into your own spring renewal and beyond. Let's Get Caraway'd The Spice Way Caraway Seeds have a sweet, earthy, and peppery aroma -- a versatile spice for… Continue reading Spring Renewal, The Spice Way: Part 2

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Spring Renewal, The Spice Way: Part 1

Spring is the perfect season to take stock of your everyday practices and find ways to nurture your health and wellbeing -- so cast off your winter sweaters and reach for something refreshing with us! Over the next few weeks we're highlighting a few products and recipes perfect for your own spring renewal. Even making small changes to… Continue reading Spring Renewal, The Spice Way: Part 1

Health Benefits

Spice Up Your Beauty Routine

Spice up your beauty routine by combining the benefits of The Spice Way Moroccan Rosebud and The Spice Way Honey. Enjoy the recipe below -- a natural mask that will gently exfoliate and refresh your skin with ingredients you recognize. It's Nature with Benefits! Rose Benefits moisturizing antiseptic and astringent anti-inflammatory calming and soothing scent Honey Benefits antibacterial antioxidants moisturizing and… Continue reading Spice Up Your Beauty Routine

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2nd Anniversary Recap and Recipes

Our 2nd Anniversary Event was filled with fun and flavor! Thank you for coming out to celebrate this milestone. The day started with a visit from Encinitas Mayor Catherine S. Blakespear and Council Members Joe Mosca and Tasha Boerner Horvath. We designed the very first Encinitas Spice Blend -- a range of spices to embody the local flavors of… Continue reading 2nd Anniversary Recap and Recipes